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My writing experience

Currently, this is the process for writing my books:

  • Write a big summary paragraph on book

  • List out the main characters and their characteristics

  • Describe the setting and scene

  • Undertake research on the associated era/genre listing the food, clothing, weapons etc.

  • Write a sentence under each chapter describing what will be created

  • Aim to write 1,000 words a day or 5,000 per week. This is to allow for downtime and distractions

  • Once the first draft has been completed, leave it for a few weeks

  • Review the manuscript and edit before finalise (maybe repeating this step a few times)

The book development process

It took me a year to complete the first draft of my first Paradise Island Book: Diamond Champion. Initially when my enthusiasm was at its peak, thinking about writing a book was easy and a good idea. It was possible to write three pages every evening! However, that only last several months after I got past 50 pages. Then, I was writing half a page every night or one full page, depending on my motivation.  

After finishing the first draft of my first book, I tidied it and gave it to a family member to review, knowing more work was required. However, I just wanted someone to cast their eyes to ensure it was a good story and get some early feedback on any major issues that needed addressing.

Therefore, whilst waiting, I worked on my second Paradise Island book. It took me eight months to complete the first draft. I found it easier to write because I had familiarised myself with some of the principles of a book e.g. most characters were established, use of POV, structure of dialogues and list of chapters. Overall, I felt it was generally easier because I had learnt a lot from writing my first book.


After I had received comments from my first book, I realised there were a lot of emotions and descriptions that I did not include. Consequently, I used the lessons learnt and incorporated more techniques and details into the writing of my second book. I have found that every time that I review my manuscript, I end up making more tweaks.  


Regardless, if you are thinking of becoming an author, I would say just go ahead and do it. But be realistic and expect to put some hard work into it.

You can do it!