Web hosting and domain names

After completing my first book to draft state, I was keen to speed ahead and think about when I can start publishing. My next thoughts were how to setup my own website so my fans (if I do manage to get any!) can find out more about me and what I do. This was one of the marketing strategies that would be helpful in enabling fans to find out more about my books. This would allow me to provide more content to people. I considered supply additional information that I could not included in the books such as ‘Behind the scenes’ or ‘The making of…’

Therefore, I wanted a platform to enable me and provide the additional information so that my fans can get easy access. My solution was to investigate what I needed to make my work available online. I have previously created my own website for another short-lived hobby so I knew what to do.

Getting a hosting company

There are quite a few hosting companies that offer free website hosting services so I concentrated on those first. I was not sure how successful I will be. But I needed a company that did not charge me a leg and an arm if I became successful and wanted to expand. Consequently, I have opted for WordPress.com as my website hosting company because they offer a limited free service and they have the largest market share (thinking about resilience but you can never be 100% sure that any company big or small would not go bankrupt!). I considered their next price plan to be suitable for my future growth. I have compared other hosting companies that offered free limited hosting services included Wix and Weebly to ensure alternatives were available. However, this might change once I start developing the website depending on the functionalities!

Domain name

Next part is thinking about domain names which can vary from £0.99 for the first year (normal price £12.99) for a .co.uk domain name or £2.99/£15.99 for a .com domain name. This is something I will look into when I actually start publishing my book and start making some returns! There will always be risks to a free service, such as being forced to pay later if the company changes their pricing policy and limited functionality. Therefore it is better to be prepared for the inevitable!