Published: Diamond Champion - Debut Book

Woohoo! After months of planning, drafting, editing, re-drafting, re-editing and proofing, I have eventually finished my debut book. Finally, I have managed to publish my first book, Diamond Champion: Paradise Island Trilogy.

I suspect like most debut authors (and possibly established authors) when they are publishing their book, there is an ecliptic mix of emotions ranging from a dash of fear, a splash of trepidation, a sigh of hope, a sprinkle of joy, a coating of relief and a deluge of relaxation that the project had been completed! Or is that just me?

I had originally aimed to publish my debut book on 4th May 2021, hoping all the Starrs were aligned and The Force was with me (Star Wars reference to those who didn’t know what this meant)! By piecing the final fragments of my book puzzle together (the book cover, checking the proofing, setting up the Amazon account and launching my website), I was eventually ready to make my book available as a pre-order ahead of the target date. Granted, as a new author, I was not expecting a huge rush of people swarming to purchase my debut book. No-one knows who I am! Nevertheless, it was still a good experience for me to understand the process and what to expect next time round. Trial and error, and learn from your mistakes as I say.

Anyway, as you may know, Diamond Champion is now available at all Amazon stores for those who are interested in read my book:

Now my journey on becoming an author really begins. At least I can add the ‘author string’ to my ‘publishing bow’. Thank you for reading this and joining me on my publishing road as I strive to continue and write lots historical fiction books. I appreciate your support.



On a road journey to becoming an author