Inspirational Authors

I had planned to write another chapter for my second Paradise book, but got distracted by searching for self-publishing authors who have achieved success. I wanted to see who have been able to make it through the self-publishing route. Those who have caught my eye and where I first noticed them included:

Louise J Ross

First book: Holy Island

Interview with BBC Newcastle and Youtube book intro

Rachel Abbott

First book: Only the Innocent

Interview with Joanna Penn

Amanda Hocking

First book: My Blood Approves

Guardian newspaper article and her Youtube channel

Rob Dircks

First book: Where the hell is Tesla

Interview on Book Club Babble

Melissa Leong

First book: Happy Go Money

National Post interview

I have to be honest that I have not read their books (yet). I was more interested in their story as an author, how they started on the self-publishing route, their struggles in getting their books published and what they have accomplished today.