Claim free books

So I have participated in the Prolific Works' 'Swashbuckling & Sorcery' free giveaway which runs from May 15-31. This covers historical and fantasy genres.

Although I have only included my first 3 chapters of Diamond Champion (which you can also download a free pdf version from my website), there are also 16 other authors who are giving their books away for free. Most of these are full books, although there are others who have only included samples chapters like me.

Therefore, if you have time and fancy reading a free book, I suggest you click on the following link to see what other authors are giving away for free:

The only condition in claiming the free giveaway is to provide your email address to Prolific Works. However, if you are not comfortable with this arrangement, then I recommend you visit those authors your are interested in, send them your contact details and they may be able to send you their free giveaway directly.

Mooch around and hopefully you find a free book you would like to read!