Paradise Island Trilogy

Diamond Champion_ Paradise Island Trilog
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Diamond Champion (Paradise Island Trilogy, Book 1)


On a sun-drenched, tropical, volcanic island, a group of villagers enjoy their peaceful lives in paradise. Some take it for granted whilst other cherish the beauty. Everything was perfect. Until one day a ship of explorers from a faraway land, in search of gleaming treasures, arrived on their pristine golden shores.


The islanders are interested in exploring new opportunities and working with the Conquistador and his men. But the natives are not prepared to blindly accept strangers and reveal the secrets to their island. Meanwhile, the explorers are attracted to the resources the place can offer and suspect there are hidden gems and that there is more to the island than meets the eye.


Will both civilisations able to agree to a trade deal? Or will there be a war between two different nations?

Action, Adventure, exploration and romance all collide on Paradise Island.

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Paradise Island Trilogy, Book 2


This book takes place in new surroundings.

Due out around the end of 2021.